My Evening Routine

imageI find doing as much prep as I can in the afternoon and evening allows for a more simple and stress free morning, especially with the return of school.

My afternoon and evening usually goes something like this:

2pm- make afternoon tea

2:20pm- leave to pick Tanya up

2:35pm- home, Tanya does her jobs (take off shoes, empty bag, any papers on the bench, change clothes), afternoon tea with cartoons.

3:15pm- homework

3:30pm- play (board game, baking, outside play, craft, play with William and Dad)

4:30pm- prep and cook dinner

5:30pm- dinner

6pm- outside play or shower (hair and teeth after shower)

6:30pm- shower or play, dishes

6:55pm- pick up toys with Tanya

7pm- William bed, read with Tanya

7:20pm- quiet time (read alone, cuddle on the sofa, cartoons, play in room

7:30pm- Tanya bed, shower, load of washing on, hang washing out, 10 minute pick up (great cleaning technique), complete to do list, read &/or watch TV, journal

9:30pm- bed!!!!